Do’s and don’t’s

Please help to ensure the eyot can be enjoyed by future generations and nature is allowed to thrive by keeping human impact to a minimum.

We encourage you to enjoy the eyot responsibly. Whilst you visit, remember the area is home to several plants, animals and insects, several of which are delicate or easily disturbed. Please stick to the paths, and be considerate of nature and others.

Here are some common rules we can all follow when enjoying the reserve.


  • Keep to paths
  • Take photos
  • Take your rubbish home with you
  • Run (but give way to people walking)
  • Walk your dog (remembering to pick up any poo!)
  • Report any problems to us by emailing


  • Fly drones
  • Climb trees
  • Start fires or BBQs
  • Camp
  • Moor boats
  • Dig for rubbish
  • Leave paths and disturb ecosystems