Wild Flower Champions

All over the eyot there are small patches of vegetation that have been adopted by individual Friends who work on them to help increase the proportion and variety of wildflowers.

Wild Flower Champions we closely monitor the species composition of these small patches. If you’re interested in becoming a Wild Flower Champion, make sure you are a Friend first. Then email us on info@friendsofastonseyot.org.

Interested in becoming a Wild Flower Champion?

All you need is a few minutes every now and again as you walk by your patch on the eyot. You’ll quickly feel the satisfaction of watching your wild flowers flourish; knowing you are providing food for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators; turning a little patch of nettles on the path edge into a wild flower patch for us all to enjoy.

What do I need?

No knowledge of wildflowers is needed – help is given to those who feel they need it. All you really need is a little bit of time and some gloves (to stop the nettles stinging you).

Why should I get involved?

Nettles are creeping into the path edges and taking over from the nectar-bearing wild flowers that all the pollinators need. Just to pull or to break off the nettles and remove them to a pile further away from the grass path gives the wild flowers a better chance to reach the sun. If we pull the nettles and remove them they take the fertility with them, lowering the level in the soil to the level that the wild flowers prefer.

How do I get my Wild Flower patch?

Make sure you are a Friend of Aston’s Eyot then email us to see how you can get involved at info@friendsofastonseyot.org.