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Thank you for donating to the Charity and joining us! Just one last step now. Use the below form to finish becoming a Friend of Aston’s Eyot – we can’t wait to have you join us!

We ask for payment first so we can match the details you submit on this form to your payment. By becoming a Friend you’ll be agreeing to the 5 aims of Friends of Aston’s Eyot, set out in the charity’s constitution:

  1. To protect, care for, and manage or assist in the management of Aston’s Eyot for wildlife, and as a wild area.
  2. To promote continuing open access to the public for quiet enjoyment of the area.
  3. To maintain and where necessary restore the variety of wildlife habitats including woodland, scrub, grassland, orchards, river banks and aquatic habitats.
  4. To survey and record species of fauna and flora present, reporting on the results of surveys where appropriate.
  5. To involve the wider public in activities such as working parties, wildlife events and other appropriate events.