About Us

Aston’s Eyot is an island in East Oxford formed by the River Thames, the River Cherwell and Shire Lake Ditch.

The 32 acres (13 hectares) of land were originally a water meadow beside the River Thames. A rubbish tip for a while, they are now a mosaic of woodland, open area and scrub. Find more about the wildlife, habitats and management here.

Aston’s Eyot is a great place for a quiet stroll, dog walking, running, harvesting wild fruit, picnicking by the river and watching wildlife. Download the paths map here or pick up a leaflet at one of the reserve entrances

Paths map

There are two entrances onto Aston’s Eyot:
over the bridge at the end of Jackdaw Lane, past the scrapyard
or through The Kidneys Nature Park off Meadow Lane.

Get involved

The land is owned by Christ Church, and managed by the Friends of Aston’s Eyot as a nature reserve with public access.
The Friends group holds work parties on the last Sunday of the month, and occasional wildlife-themed events.
Find out about what’s on here and how to get involved here.
Join Friends of Aston’s Eyot here or pick up a leaflet at one of the entrances to the reserve.

Contact us

Contact us on info@friendsofastonseyot.org
or through our Facebook page Friends of Aston’s Eyot

All the photos on this website have been taken on the Eyot.

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